The Glamour Brides

It All Started With Angels

For the past 20+ years we haven’t changed our dedication, passion or results – We have only changed our name.

The Glamour Brides were once called “The Wedding Angels” back in 2002. We made many happy brides all over Kent, London and Essex but, as our audience grew through word of mouth and recommendations, so too did we need to evolve and change. We only had one condition that was paramount to us before rebranding ourselves: To keep our work ethics and the quality of work we produced the same consistently no matter how many in our team we were.

We established the Glamour Brides in 2015 and carefully set our own quality and care standards. We hand picked a team of talented, qualified and professional wedding Hair stylists and makeup artists that shared in our commitment and passion for working with Brides and those attending special occasions. We all possess a natural flare and style that makes us unique from one another – It’s why we like to have a consultation with our clients first so that we can find out which one of the team will be most suited to meet our clients requirements.

A Premium Choice

There are hundreds, if not thousands of choices available when looking for a hair stylist and makeup artist today. With very talented individuals with wonderful portfolios and varying factors: locality, previous work, branding, fees, convenience to book etc…

So what makes us different and not just another choice?

Team: As a team of dedicated artists you’re getting “the team” and that makes a big difference! There’s only so much work one person can do on their own and especially if you have a large party they’ll need an extra pair or two of hands to assist them. We’ve got all the talented hands right here!

Dedication: We’ve never cancelled a booking to chase a larger party or because we had a last minute holiday planned. In fact we’ve never cancelled a booking for any reason so far because we know that you entrust us with your most important day to make you look your best and that is a commitment that we are thankful for and value.

Results: We are results driven and create styles that will make you say “Yes! This is why I hired my stylist!” and not “Oh, I could’ve saved some of my wedding budget and done it myself”. We pride ourselves on the final results and create long lasting beautiful styles that will keep you looking fresh right up until the last dance!

Same Team, Same Quality

  • We Only Use The Finest Products From Reputable Brands & Trusted Suppliers So You Are Always Treated With The Very Best

  • We Demonstrate Extra Care To Accommodate For Sensitivities, Allergies & Preferences (IE: Vegan & Hypoallergenic Products)

  • Our Services Allow For Plenty of Time So You Never Have to Feel Rushed – We Always Allow For More Rather Than Less

  • We’re All Fully Qualified & Insured Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists Which Means That Only Reputable Professionals Are Looking After You Not Trainees

  • We Guarantee to Make You 100% Happy Through Our Services & Always Go The Extra Mile For You


Our Vision

We have a vision to bring our services to every Bride across the United Kingdom whether they are getting married in London and need hair and makeup or, need a stylist to follow them to Greece for their destination wedding! We are continuously expanding growing our team through careful selection. We want to make every Bride and special occasion client look radiant and glamorous – feeling as good as they look! We hope to replicate what we have achieved so far in Kent, Essex and London expanding our team whilst retaining our values so that clients from all over the United Kingdom can rely on our services and know that they will be looked after thoroughly whilst achieving the best results.

Always improving

If we’re not working we’re usually training or attending workshops, events and performing our CPD (Continual Professional Development) courses! We value the importance of keeping up and improving ourselves – It is essential for our team to go beyond being industry standard but, to continue learning new techniques and discover innovative products as to always give up to date services to our clients. We’re always developing ourselves and spotting the latest trends and styles that are popular and adding them to our repertoire of styles and designs. We want to give you the very best and so dedicate ourselves to always improving!

Are You Ready To Secure Your Special Day With

The Team That Won’t Let You Down?