Glamour Brides COVID-19 Policy

Review Date: 01st January 2021


The Company = The Glamour Brides

Artists OR Stylists = Personnel Employed by The Glamour Brides

Assistants = Personnel employed by the Glamour Brides assisting regular staff with their service responsibilities.

The Client = Any persons directly or indirectly receiving services form The Glamour Brides.

The Party = Any persons included in the main client’s party who will be receiving services.

Guests = Persons not included directly in the client’s party but who will be attending their main event.

Bubbles = Immediate persons including non-family related members than are apart of the direct entourage of the Client.

  1. Purpose
    • To ensure that Glamour Brides remains up to date and in accordance with the protocols and procedures set out before them to minimise the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus.
    • To ensure that the legal requirements of “The Health Protection Regulations 2020” & the requirements set out by “HMRC” are met diligently by The Glamour Brides.
  2. Scope
    • The Policy is made for and to be followed by:
  • Glamour Brides the company
  • Glamour Brides Stylist/Artists
  • Glamour Brides Assistants
  • Glamour Brides Partners
  • The Client
  • Members of the Party
  • Guests
  • Any persons receiving services from The Glamour Brides
  1. Objectives
    • To guarantee that safe practices and adequate measures are in place to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19 or any subsequent variant of the virus to any persons within The Glamour Brides or interacting with The Glamour Brides.
    • To ensure that the high standards of practice set out to The Glamour Brides are increased accordingly as an appropriate response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Policy
    • As to be able to provide a continuation in their services, The Glamour Brides must strictly follow the procedures and protocols set out before them and highlighted in this document. Failure to adhere to the policies set out in this document by the client may result in a non-refundable refusal of service.
  3. Prevention
    • A level of communication and a duty of care will exist between the Client and The Glamour Brides and requires both parties to communicate fluidly as to whether either experience any symptoms of COVID-19 OR have been around a person who has had COVID-19 symptoms OR a positive COVID-19 test in the last 14 days.
    • The Glamour Brides will keep a constant communication with the Client asking questions pertaining to Covid-19 symptoms. Should either party experience any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days (Including but not limited to):
      – A higher than 38 Degrees Celsius temperature
      – A continuous cough (Or more than 4 cough bouts per day)
      – Loss of smell or taste
      – Difficulty in breathing
      – Exhaustion
      – Muscular pain
      – Other symptoms still being updated by the World Health Organization.
    • General well being checks will be mandatory and performed by a member of the team from The Glamour Brides at the following intervals:
      – 2 Weeks before any appointment.
      – On the day of the appointment (At the door) before entering.
      – 2 Weeks before the Wedding/Event
      – On the day of the Wedding/Event (At the door)
    • Should either the artist/stylist, client or persons in the Clients party be unwell and not meet the requirements set out by the well being checks then the appointment will require cancellation effective immediately. A new appointment will need to be established which will not be under 14 calendar days later than the original appointment when the check was failed.
    • Should the artist/stylist have performed a home visit for the appointment that was over 5 miles radius from the salons registered address [9 Towers View, TN24 9PB] then The Glamour Brides may apply new travel charges to a re-booked appointment OR request that the Client visit the registered salon address instead of performing another call out.
    • Failure to disclose or complete a door check questionnaire may result in a refusal of service and a non-refundable cancellation.
  4. Contact
    • Direct Contact
      • To minimise the risk from exposure due to direct contact, The Glamour Brides Personnel will undertake the responsibilities to:
        – Sanitise their hands before, during and after an appointment.
        – Wear a clinical mask during the entirety of the appointment.
        – Wear gloves if necessary and as appropriate.
        – Always Wear an Apron.
        – Wear a face shield or clear visor.
      • To minimise the risk from exposure due to direct contact, The Client and any persons within their party or Guests commit to:
        – Sanitise their hands before their appointment.
        – Wear a face mask whilst having their hair and eye treatment.
        – Avoid touching their face, nose, eyes.
        – Cough or sneeze into a tissue that can be disposed of immediately.
    • Indirect Contact
      • The Glamour endeavour to sanitize all equipment including tools, boxes, pouches and clean on a single use basis every non disposable piece of equipment after each single appointment or visit.
      • For tools that are not single use in nature. After each use, tools are to be placed into a new zip lock bag before being sanitized at a later point and are in no order to be reused until appropriately disinfected.
      • For tools that can be single use as variants, these will be single use products including papers, towels, disposable palettes.
      • For high value products such as make-up, these will be as per usual health and hygiene dictated regulations dispensed onto a palette before being applied to Clients.
      • The salon, designated work address inclusive of tables chairs and any other type of furniture that clients will interact with will be cleaned daily.
  1. Waste Disposal & Sanitization
    • All tools collected through zip lock bags after their respective appointments are to be shut tight and only re-opened once in a designated safe environment to be ready for sanitation. Appropriate areas include the salon and individually approved areas requested by each individual personnel member that has been reviewed and risk assessed by the Manager of The Glamour Brides.
    • All “one use” materials such as wipes, single use palettes and make-up brushes are to be disposed of instantly after use on a single client into a sealed container with a lock. These are to be retained until properly disposed of in a hazardous waste bin either at the salon or personally if the receptacle is specifically designed to accept hazardous waste.
  2. Appointment Procedures
    • The room where any appointments are to take place must allow for plenty of ventilation including the possibility to open windows. Work tops must be sanitised before placing down any bags, tools, or work material.
    • Only one person at any time whether receiving treatments or not is to be present at the same time as the artist/stylist for a maximum of 2 persons in the designated room at any times. Exception is acceptable should a photographer equipped with the appropriate PPE and being able to maintain a 2-metre minimum distance from both the Client and the member of staff from The Glamour Brides be able to be always respected. No additional guests or persons of any denomination will be authorized in the room during the appointment with the artist/stylist.
    • Both the artist/stylist and Client are required to sanitize their hands thoroughly before entering the designated appointment room.
    • The disclosure form is to be completed and returned with no indication of COVID-19 symptoms or exposure before the appointment can be carried out.
    • The artist/stylist will advise the Client where to stand and when to wear a mask or remove it always acting as a guide to ensure that safety protocols are met.
    • Due to COVID-19, the artist/stylist will not be able to offer any refreshments. Instead, breaks will be offered at different intervals or requested by the Client should they require to leave the room and have a drink or use the bathroom. Before re-entering, their hands will need to be sanitized once more.
  3. COVID-19 Related Appointment Changes & Cancellations
    • Trials & Other Non-Event Day Appointments
      • When asked to complete the online questionnaire 2 weeks prior to their appointment. Should a trial need to be cancelled due to a failed COVID-19 questionnaire on the part of the Client or any persons within their party receiving services, then a new separate appointment will need to be established at the minimum of 14 days later from cancellation date.
      • When the artist/stylist completes their questionnaire 2 weeks prior to their appointment. Should a personnel member of The Glamour Brides who was due to work with a client fail a pre-COVID-19 questionnaire or develop symptoms any day 14 days before the trial date then:
        a) A new separate appointment will need to be established at the minimum of 14 days later from cancellation date. No fees will be applied.
        b) A stylist/artist of equal skill may be offered in stead of the original artist/stylist by The Glamour Brides provided that they pass the 2-week prior questionnaire.
      • On the day of the appointment. Trials which are cancelled due to a failed “on the door” questionnaire or a higher than 38 degrees Celsius temperature reading will need to be re-booked at the minimum of 14 days later from cancellation date.
      • Travel fees which were paid towards an appointment that resulted in a cancellation may bot be transferable. The Glamour Brides endeavours to compensate the Client that is subjected to a cancelled appointment as best as they can, however, may need to re-apply travel fees to a subsequent appointment OR offer an alternative appointment at their salon [Ashford TN24 9PB] OR alternative suitable address.
    • Event Day Appointment Changes & Cancellations (Wedding Days Included)
      • When asked to complete the online questionnaire 2 weeks prior to their Event Day/Wedding. Any person whether the Bride or a member of the Bridal party be unable to pass the questionnaire, The Glamour Brides requests that this be declared, and Covid-19 tests undertaken. Should the Bridal party and the Bride fully recover within the subsequent 14 days then The Glamour Brides will be able to proceed to “on the door” checks with the Bride and party.
      • On The Day. The Bride, her party and any other person receiving services from The Glamour Brides will be required to complete the Covid-19 safety questionnaire and have their temperatures taken. Should any person within the party fail the questionnaire or have a higher than 3* degrees Celsius temperature reading then The Glamour Brides will be unable to provide services to them and the usual cancellation terms and conditions fees will apply. For a full list of these please visit [].
      • Feasible Flexibility. In the eventuality that the Bride, a member of her Bridal party, a guest or any other persons attending her Wedding ceremony or event develop COvid-19 symptoms or are in contact with other persons which may have potentially been a carrier of the virus, The Glamour Brides invites the Client to openly discuss what options may be available that would mitigate the risk off contamination without rendering the booking cancelled.
  1. Duty Of Care
    • It is the responsibility of The Glamour Brides and their respective Client to inform each other of possible and potential exposures to Covid-19. Should either party be made aware of a member of their respective bubbles, personnel, Bridal party, guest, or any other persons directly in their network to be experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 OR have undertaken a test where the result was positive (in the last 14 days) to notify each other with hast and due diligence.
  2. Privacy
    • The standard practices of privacy and GDPR conformity which The Glamour Brides operate from as a basis still apply. No information regarding personal names or contact details will be shared with any party. Should a Client be in contact with a member of staff or any persons deemed by The Glamour Brides that required to be made aware as to enforce the government track and trace practices then they will be alerted using the denomination “Non-specific individual”.
  3. Update
    • This document will be monitored alongside government and governing bodies guidelines at regular intervals with immediate reforms should the need arise without prior warning.

For any questions or concerns regarding this document or should you need clarification please get in touch with us through []