Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Whatever your occasion, you’re going to want to look your best! And you’re going to have a few questions in mind like: “How long does it take? Should I wash my hair just before or the day before? What happens if my stylist falls ill?” Don’t panic, you’re on the right page. We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions (and some more obscure ones too!) in hopes to answer as many questions as possible before you commit.

Bridal Questions

General Questions

In the very unlikely circumstance that your hair or makeup artist is sick on your wedding day, another member of our talented team will assist us in ensuring your booking. Reassuringly, this is more of a disclaimer as this has never happened to us in the last 15 years.

Our team is very carefully handpicked by the two founders of the company. Every one of our members is professional, highly talented and friendly. Every one one of us is qualified, insured and possesses many years of experience. Most importantly to you, we are highly reliable and booking with us means you are guaranteed a quality service with no fail.

We guarantee your special occasion without fail with the Artist/Stylist of your choice – if for whatever reason your supplier cannot attend, an equally skilled Artist/Stylist will take their place and be you will be entitled to a courtesy re-trial to give you peace of mind you are getting the same quality with them.

Please note: In our 15 years of trading we have never had to replace a Hair Stylist or Makeup Artist – We cannot plan for unpredictable events however and you are guaranteed as a precaution.

The Glamour Brides team use a range of different products, some you’ll recognize whereas others are specifically “trade only” and may seem unfamiliar to you. However, we are proud to promise to only use the best products.

Some of the Brands we regularly use include: L’Oreal, Urban Decay, Benefit, Aveda, Lancome, Schwarzkopf, Estée Lauder, MAC, Chanel.

We like our clients to specify if they have any preferences otherwise our team uses their strong knowledge of each of the benefits of these products to decide which to work with on an individual basis.

Yes, every member of the Glamour Brides is fully qualified with their trades relevant industry standard qualification.

For our senior hair stylists, all are holders of a level 3 Bridal Hairstyling Award (VTCT) as well as level 3 NVQs in Hairdressing. Our Junior Hair Stylists are all working towards their course completions and holders of at minimum a level 1 NVQ in hairdressing – Please note that juniors are assistants only and accompany seniors for shadow work.

For our senior makeup artists, all are holders of a BABTAC accredited course as well as a level 3 beautician diploma. Junior makeup artists are all working to completing their courses through the Glamour Brides and will only be permitted to shadow work if they have not obtained recognition.

Yes! All our hair Stylists and makeup Artists have public liability insurance as well as personal insurance. When any work is performed by any member of the Glamour Brides you will be asked to declare any allergies, sensitivities or know reactions. Please remember to warn us as early on as possible – Thank you.

Trial Questions

Although no honest Stylist can guarantee a particular look will work for an individual client, we can safely give you our most genuine answer of: to 99% Yes!

As you will know, your skin type affects your application of makeup; Similarly your eye colour and facial features will be more suitable to certain types of makeups and looks – creating a more (Or less) dramatic effect on you than another person. Your hair also will be more suited in its thickness and colour to certain styles.

We have worked with a multitude of clients and so far always achieved exactly the look they wanted. Our key to doing so is preparation and additional equipment. Dyes can be applied in advance as well as hair thickening products – We also can provide extra lengths of hair to create the volume you may need for certain more fuller looks.

Your initial consultation during your trial will be the ideal time to discuss what options are available to you.

We recommend drinking plenty of fluids the day before your special event & your trial; Also try to have a good night sleep as to help you look fresh on the following day. If you can’t then don’t worry, our artists will be able to conceal any unwanted “panda eyes”.

If you have a specific look in mind we encourage you to bring a few photos or inspiration ideas along with you to your trial day. Many of our clients like to do a lot of browsing and research before deciding on a particular look. We encourage this as it gives you a broad spectrum on what might be the “best look” that will flatter you on your special day.

If you don’t find any inspiration, that’s fine too! We love trying as many different styles as you’d like whilst offering our consultative advice on what works best given your features, hair and skin type.

We operate from two salons in Kent, one located in Ashford and the other in Faversham where you will be welcome to attend your trial within. However we are also mobile and more than happy to travel to you and perform the trial within your own home setting.

Trials vary in duration dependent on a numerous amount of factors. Some of these factors include: How decided our a particular style you are; If you would like to try multiple options or, whether you will require trialing both hair and makeup – To name a few.

We do not impose a time limit on our trials and generally they will take between 1 hour to 3 hours.

Absolutely! It’s an important part of your wedding preparation for the bride to have a trial as to create your ideal look in anticipation of your special day. Skipping the trial can result in a very stressful experience and we highly recommend against this.

Although not crucial that the entire Bridal party attends a trial, we do recommend for at least one of your Bridesmaids to accompany you as well as the Mother of the Bride – This is a chance for you to collect visual feedback from your closest Bridal party members and a chance for you to decide on what hair style your Maids will be wearing.

Wedding Day Questions

Please rest assured for time. We allocate approximately 30minutes to 1 hour per person per stylist/artist in anticipation for delays, Bridesmaids running late and Mothers of the Bride taking wrong turns on their way to the venue. We will assess the size of your party and bring additional Artists and Stylists if we feel that an additional pair of skilled hands are necessary.

Regardless of the venue or party size, we always as a procedure allocate additional time to arrive, to leave, in between guests and we ensure you won’t ever feel rushed.

Your artists will discuss this with you during your trial. As a general rule we suggest 1 hour for Bridal hair and a further 40 minutes for her makeup. followed by an additional 30 minutes to 1 hour for each additional person. This of course depends greatly on the level of complexity your desired look will take.

Yes, it would be our teams pleasure to do so for you. We’re always happy to go the extra distance for you however we do do work to sometimes very precise timeframes and ask that any special requests be made in advance of the special occasion day, preferably during booking – please don’t hesitate to request anything additional that you may need.

Our makeup artist will utilize waterproof mascara (In case your emotions take over!) and durable makeup. Our hair artists will braid/laque your hair with enough spray to make sure it stays perfectly in place (But not too much as to seem to glossy either!). Rest assured, you will retain your appearance past the last dance.

Booking Questions

We reserve the right to insist on a minimum booking party size during our busy months and Saturday weddings. Our busiest months include April through to August and December.

We do accept cheques however require them to have cleared before both the trial day and the actual booking day. We accept BACS, cash, and will soon also accept credit/debit cards.

Yes, our artists are available to travel anywhere in Kent, Essex and London and charge a standard £0.50 per mile one way fee. Any additional travel related fees including toll charges, congestion fees and parking will be added to the final bill on the day.

If you are booking your trial and day separately, we take full payment for the trial payable either in person by cash on the trial date or via bank transfer or cheque if paying in advance. When you are happy with your trial we then ask for a 30% deposit as to secure your booking day.

If however you are booking your trial and day simultaneously, or as part of a package, we take a deposit on the trial to the value of 30% your total projected cost, with the final balance due on the day.

Please note that your dates will not be secured until we are in receipt of your deposit.

If you are booking “a la carte” a discount is already included should you require both hair and makeup. We offer various incentives throughout the year for early bookings and large parties. Packages are available throughout the year and a discount will automatically be added whether you select a premade one or tailor a package yourself.

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